Eleanor Logan’s love for food dates back to her childhood, when she received her first Easy Bake oven! Her passion for food continued when she prepared her first family dinner – green salad, Yankee Pot Roast, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy – in order to earn her first Girl Scout badge.

Eleanor believes in a personal approach to cooking, which is why she develops all her own recipes. She established “Ah, Manna!” to grace her clients with food that is gratifying and satisfying.

More than a caterer, Eleanor is a personal chef: She gathers food you help choose, food that nourishes both body and spirit.

Eleanor trained in the Culinary Arts Program at Peter Kump’s Cooking School in New York City. She studied and worked alongside Chef James Peterson, who won the James Beard Foundation’s Award for Cookbook of the year with his book Sauces. She has also worked at Enjolie, serving meals and catering events at the Dallas Marriot [now the Omni Mandalay] in Las Colinas, Texas.

In addition to working with renowned chefs, Eleanor has won awards and recognition such as:

  • Being chosen to prepare a 7-course meal for the James Beard Foundation in NY (1991)
  • Winning the “Pleasure of Cooking” People’s Choice award for her Tarragon Chicken Salad
  • Winning the “Best in Show” award for her pound cake at New York Community Project
  • Having her award-winning recipes featured in 2008 on Metro, the award-winning weekly news magazine on WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas.

Through “Ah, Manna!” Eleanor has catered events ranging from an intimate anniversary dinner for two; daily supper drops; a private Christmas dinner for 12; a birthday bash pool party for 35 adults and children; a sorority tappas for 50; an al fresco supper for 100; to a wedding reception for 300.

Eleanor works directly with you to create a menu specifically designed for you and your guests. She uses a base menu that allows you to develop a menu that expresses your feel and direction for the event. Your options are limited only by your imagination and your budget. You may choose service that ranges from simply having “Ah, Manna!” deliver prepared food for you to handle at your leisure; all the way up to having “Ah, Manna!” cater a fully-staffed, worry-free event from beginning to end. It’s all your choice.

Life is full of special occasions—holidays, luncheons, supper parties, birthday bashes, showers, and just plain old, “I need food that’s gratifying and satisfying!” So, when that time arrives, just imagine…“Ah, Manna!” gathering the food for you!