Seasonal Specials – Halloween


For fun, friends, office, school, taking or for your favorite “BOO”

All Treats and no Tricks Email, call, or text to confirm. Remember savor life and remember to always eat well!

Tastes so good, all treats no tricks. All prices below reflect a 20% discount good until October 20, 2013 . Made from “Scratch.” If you would like to custom order, no worries … I will make your sweet or savory dreams come true.

 Pound Cake with Black Scary Berry Sauce

This cake and sauce feeds 15-20, easy to take and all will enjoy!  $32.00 & yes that includes the Back Scary Sauce.

Mini “BOO” cakes! In Pound, Chocolate & Blood Strawberry

Give, Eat, Take, Enjoy by all! $4.00 Each! OR $45.00 for a Dozen.

Batty Wings with Tombstone Sauce

Heats up well to nibble on while you watch movies or nibble on while giving out treats! $10.00 for a dozen of wings with sauce.

Pumpkin Shaped Cheese Ball

Delicious to nibble with crackers or fresh veggies while you watch movies or give out treats! $6.75 for each ball.

Halloween Bark Candy

OK this is just GOOD! Comes in bags to give as treats, gifts, or to place on platter for all to enjoy! Each 8 oz. bag for $5.00.

Butternut Squash Soup

Just heat and serve, an Ah Manna favorite. 16 oz. for $6.00 & my almost famous chicken salad (all white meat) 8oz. for $5.00.

Chocolate “Black Crack” Cookies

For the true chocolate lovers. Made with Ghirardelli Chocolate $10.00 a dozen.

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How to Dry Your Own Fruits

Dried FruitCooling temperatures and abundant fresh fruit is now going, going, and almost, gone … 

Prep your fruit …

  • Choose ripe or just overly ripe fruits and berries
  • Wash in cold water
  • Remove any blemishes
  • Remove any pits or stones from stone fruits
  • Remove any stems from berries
  • Cut and slice fruits evenly so that they will dry within the same time frame


(Optional) Remove the skins …
Some fruits, such as peaches, nectarines, and apples, dry better if the skin has been removed.  Score the bottom of each piece of fruit by making a shallow “x” with a paring knife. Bunk into boiling water for 40 seconds, then transfer to a basin filled with ice water. The skins should slip right off.

Soak it …
To keep fruit looking pretty and minimize discoloration, soak it in lemon juice and water. Soak fruit for 10 minutes, drain and blot dry with a lint-free towel.

To the Oven …
Preheat the oven to 130-160 degrees F. Use a lower temperature for thin sliced fruits such as apples or peaches. Strawberries and other whole berries love the higher heat.

Place parchment paper onto sheet pans. Arrange fruit in a single layer, and do not allow pieces to touch. Top fruit with a pizza screen or silicone pan liner to keep them from curling up as they dry.

Place fruit into the oven and rotate pans every 2 hours.

Ok, so how do you know if it’s ready … Dried fruit should feel like leather but still be pliable.

General Cooking Times …

Plums 6 hours
Pears 6 hours
Peaches 6 hours
Bananas 6 hours
Apples 6 hours
Grapes 8-10 hours
Citrus Peel 8-10 hours
Cherries 12 hours
Strawberries 12 hours
Apricots 12 hours

Finished … 
When the fruit is ready, remove it from the oven and place in glass or plastic containers to “cure.” Leave the container open for 4-5 days so that any moisture left from the drying process can evaporate. Shake the container every day or so to move the fruit around.

Seal your containers after 5 days and enjoy dried fruits until next harvest season, about 10 months.

Get the holiday spirit early
It’s never too early to get ready for the holidays. Dry slices of oranges for your holiday tree; you can store in a container for up three months!

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From Scratch

My mother is an excellent cook. While I was growing up she was always the cook, the she-ro of the stove, and the creator of my food universe. She used good, pure ingredients before they became chic. Her creations were not “open a can of soup, mix, add, and bake.” She used fresh veggies, fruits, eggs, fresh meat, great cheese, and real “everything.”  Well, ok she did use Miracle Whip, canned tuna, and creamed corn, which the creamed corn was only served with Polish Kelboski. But hey, they were good too! My mother cooked “from scratch.” The ONLY two dishes my mother made that were too awful to bear were chicken livers and gravy and pancakes! The thought of those two dishes still make me want to run into ongoing traffic on the highway. My brothers and sister will back me on this one.

My lifelong love of food and cooking began from observing my Mother, my Grandsi (Grandmother) and my Aunt Lily. These women were my Holy Trinity of cooking and therefore my introduction to the seduction of the stove. All three of these Grande Dames cooked “from scratch.” Now there have been many others along the way that I have to include, but this trio began my path to becoming a gourmand!

In recent years the notion of what eating “well” has become immeasurable more complicated. Don’t get me wrong, I follow the hit parade of the hottest food trends, and ingredients from khao soi paste to Kvikk Luns – a Norwegian like Kit Kat Bar. It’s all good, and there will always be a dish of the moment. When it comes right down to the matter of cooking, eating, and dining, the ingredients make all the difference in the world.  You don’t hear people state that they want food that tastes like it came out of a box. What you do hear is I want food that tastes homemade, “from Scratch,” and that is what I call the reason to savor a plate full of flavor. Use ingredients that speak of the season, and are not treated with things that only a Chemist could pronounce. Even for ingredients you do buy, read the labels. Once my son Reese asked me for some oatmeal cookies at the store; I read the box, and there were 23 “things” listed. Naturally, I left them there. I should have posted a warning sign next to them. Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Jacques Pepin wrote that “you are what you cook.” You are also in the food that you cook. Cook with love, joy and passion … cook from the seed to the skillet, cook from scratch, eat well and be well!

Remember savor life and always eat well.


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